Hudders' Landing Page

Dave on a plane to Melbourne with his wife Jenny nestled into his shoulder. Who are yer Hudders? Hudders is the pseudonym of Dave Hudson, a 1985 baby born in Wales, brought up in England and who now lives in Australia. He has a BSc from Aston University (2007) in Environmental Science and GIS. His online interests include the environment, climate change, astronomy, alt-medicine, biology, geology and science in general. Dave also enjoys talking in the third person, because it sounds cool and in the hope that somebody reading this will find it annoying.

So let's have a butchers at what you do online then! Oh okay then, here's a list of the websites I find interesting and that I spend a lot of time reading and commenting on:

Climate ChangeA Few Things Ill Considered - A blog defending the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), hosted by Scienceblogs.Deltoid - An AGW defence blog, run by Tim Lambert of the University of NSW, hosted by Scienceblogs.Denial Depot - One of the least serious AGW blogs on the net, this is a blog designed to parody the often weak arguments and logic used by critics of AGW.Desmog Blog - Popular website / blog with regular news updates about AGW and how it is presented in the media.Skeptical Science - A regularly updated, top class, very detailed defence of the theory of AGW. AstronomyBad Astronomy - Phil Plait's award winning blog about astronomy. Despite its title (named after his book), this is a great place to go for some of the best astronomical stories and pictures on the internet.Pseudo-Astronomy - A look at alternative views of astronomy, including astrology and ufology. Alt-MedicineRespectful Insolence - 'Orac' talks about the falseness and dangers of various types of alternative medicine, from homeopaths to chiropractors to anti-vaxxers, hosted by Scienceblogs. General ScienceGalactic Interactions - A blog about astronomy, physics and other science related matters.Tall Guy Writes - A cartoonist who has produced short comics against subjects like homeopathy, anti-vaxxers and the alleged moon landing hoax.The Intersection - run by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum of Discovery magazine, talks about science and its relationship to religion and politics.Visual Science - some very cool photographs with descriptions, from Discovery magazine.The World We Don't Live In - Takes a light hearted look at subjects like paleontology. The RSS reader I use is Feed Demon, which synchs with Google Reader for when I am away from the computer.